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Private credit advantages:

With a private credit from, you can fulfill your wishes and expand your financial scope. Fill out the simple online application and apply online free of charge.

Car credit – financing:

You urgently want to buy a car, a house, or you have another wish. No matter what you are looking for, has the right financing for your needs and goals.

Online credit Switzerland:

Online credit with online transfer or installment credit you can get money faster and easier without having to visit one of our locations.

Payment insurance:

There are situations in life that are neither planned nor unwanted. But they happen. Take out installment insurance so that you can feel completely safe.

Best credit that suits you

With the Zagi you can look to the future with less worries, because our conditions are transparent and you retain full cost control. Because we treat your concerns discreetly and protect your interests. And because we are partners with all credit banks in Switzerland.

Find out now which credit is right for you.

This is how the financing process works

Answer a few questions and see which loan products you qualify for in just a few minutes.

Your private credit online quickly, fairly and cheaply

Whether for house or car financing or a credit repayment or to top up your credit: You will find the right loan here.

Zagi- take out cheap credit

Credit from up to CHF 500,000, with a term of 6-120 months. The loan interest is between 3.5% and 6.9%.

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And now you have the funding to make your dream come true. Breathe easy knowing you got the best deal.

Calculate the desired amount with our fast credit calculator and apply immediately.

No fees

There are no processing fees or prepayments. what you see is what you get.

You don’t pay us a franc

We are a completely free service for you.

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Frequently asked questions

For whom is a loan a sensible solution?

Do you have a financing idea: a car, a renovation, buying a house or do you need money for your own purposes.

We finance you with a credit from Zagi.

What data do you need for a loan comparison?

Personal information

  • fill out the application


  • ID copy.
  • Copy of pay slip for the last 3 months (for monthly wages, a copy of the last pay slip).
More credit models on
Privat credit

Private credit Switzerland

Start now and benefit

Your privat credit benefits at

  • Free application
  • You will be advised personally, competently and discreetly.
  • You get fair interest & top conditions.
  • With an online personal loan application on Zagi, you can get money quickly and easily without having to visit one of our locations.
  • Your credit application will be processed quickly.
  • Third-party credits can be replaced quickly and easily without any problems.
  • You can take out additional insurance against incapacity to work or unemployment.
  • You can count on constant monthly installments.
  • You can deduct the debt interest from your income tax.

Requirements for an online private credit at

  • You are between 18 and 69 years old
  • You are Swiss or have a B, C or G residence permit
Take out a cheap privat-credit online

To take out a Swiss personal loan, it is sufficient if you are a Swiss citizen or have a B, C or G residence permit and have a regular income.

If they meet the requirements.

Enter the loan amount you want and click on “Proceed to credit Application”, and then fill out the personal loan form.

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Taking out credit

You can get the secure, hassle-free credit you need now, so don’t wait – get started today.

Car credit

Apply for car credit quickly online

Buy a car with a cheap car credit from Zagi.

Buying a car with cash is the cheapest option. If this option is not possible, then a car loan is certainly the cheapest and most flexible solution compared to leasing.

The car is now obsolete and needs to be replaced with another or new car.

We finance your car simply and easily with an online car credit.

Zagi’s carcredit online

You have already found your dream car or the family wish for a sports car or electric car, now the question arises as to how you will finance the car.

car financing
autokredit schweiz

As usual, there are offers for leasing for new cars, but this does not mean that these are the best car credit conditions.

take out Auto-credit
autokredit aufnehmen

Compare car loans and apply immediately. Compare and discover the benefits of Zagi auto credits.

Auto credit Benefits

The Zagi car loan offers you advantages to buy your dream car quickly and easily and you do not pay a single franc in advance, as with leasing a deposit (amount of the deposit is usually 10 to 30% of the list price of the selected vehicle).

  • Comprehensive insurance is not necessary.
  • Unlike leasing, you own the vehicle.
  • The debt interest is tax deductible.
  • You benefit from a low interest rate and fixed monthly installments.
  • New cars and used cars can be financed.
  • The car loan can also be used to pay for car repairs and accessories.
  • The loan can be repaid at any time.
  • In the event of financial difficulties, the vehicle can be sold.
Online Credit

Apply for an online credit and conclude it digitally online

from 3.5% effective annual interest rate.

Simply online you have the opportunity to take out a new cheaper loan.

Erhalten Sie sich einfach Geld, wenn Sie es brauchen und für Ihre Bedürfnisse.

No processing fees. Apply for a free, fast and secure online loan here.

An existing loan can be quickly redeemed by Zagi.

Real success stories online installment credit

With online credit or installment credit, you can get money quickly and easily without having to visit one of our locations.

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✓ Credit increase

  • You have a credit with us and need extra money: We offer flexible credits and you can top up your credit with us at any time.

✓ Payout

  • After the credit has been approved, you will receive the online credit agreement by e-mail, WhatsApp or by post, depending on your preference…

You sign it and send it back to us, and then the credit disbursement process begins.

✓ Free choice

  • Choose the credit term between 12 and 120 months. You can also choose the pension insurance according to your wishes and withdraw from the credit protection at any time.

✓ Credit redemption

  • You have a credit from another lender and want to take out a new credit again. Existing credits can be quickly redeemed through Zagi, and you will receive additional money from us that you need.